Elopement Tips

Have you ever considered eloping? Perhaps the idea of planning a big wedding stresses you out and you just don't want to spend an insane amount of money on a wedding. Whatever your reasons may be, there are tons of couples that decide to elope every year. Big white weddings may have been the go-to in years past but more and more modern couples are ditching the drama of lavish traditional affairs in favor of a more authentic, stress-free ceremony!

Elopement Tips

1. Don't Just Run Away

Elopements now carry a much different meaning than they once did. One of the main reasons couples used to elope was to keep their marriage a secret from family because they didn’t approve. This is not the case in any way today! Elopements are SO much more than just running away or saving money. Let’s get real – traditional weddings are basically putting on a large dinner party for your friends and family. The focus of a traditional wedding is the family versus you – the ones actually getting married!

Elopements are meant to shift the focus from your family to the both of you! They’re about crafting a day around the two of you and allowing you to get married in the way you actually want to. They come down to the type of experience that you want on your wedding day! What I’m getting at is this – don’t just plan a quick ceremony and be done with your elopement day. How terrible would it be to look back at one of the most important days of life and only have memories from 1 hour of your day?! You deserve so much more than that!

You deserve to have a whole day where you celebrate your marriage and just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean you deserve anything less! It’s about having an incredible and epic experience that you can look back on and actually want to do all over again!

2. Choose Your Dream Location

There is a vast amount of stunning places in Colorado for you to elope so be intentional with where you choose to elope! When you start to think about where you want to elope choose a place that has a lot of meaning to you both. This can mean choosing a location you’ve both been to before that you love or choosing a location you’ve both been dying to go to! Nobody wants to look back on their special day and regret where they got married, because you sporadically chose the first place you could think of. The world is your oyster, give it time and consideration!

Pro Tip: Don’t forget to think of the time of year you want to get married, because the climate and weather of that location will be a factor in choosing your date and location!

3. Hire a Photographer

Most couples who elope are focused on having a fun adventure with their spouse want their memories to be captured so that they can be treasured forever and to share with friends and family back home. A majority of an elopement budget tends to be spent in this area since there aren’t many other expenses and this is usually the most important thing to those who elope.

When you’re looking for a photographer be sure to pick someone whom you’ll get along well with! They’ll be with you all day during your elopement experience guiding you through your day, so picking a photographer that will elevate your experience is key! This is why it’s super important to hop on a call with any photographer you inquire with so that you’ll get a vibe if you’ll be a good fit for each other. It’s super important to me for the sake of you have an incredible experience on your elopement day!

4.Remember that Marriage Laws are Different All Over

This is a super important part of planning and elopement that will take some research! The best part of Colorado is you can self-solemnize! This means you don't need to have an officiant. You also are not required to have any witnesses. All you have to do is walk into a County Clerk's office with a photo ID, Fill out some paperwork and sign. It really is that simple!

You could also consider a symbolical ceremony! This means that the ceremony you have on your elopement day will not be legally binding. Couples who go this route will get married legally where they live so the paperwork is out of the way and they don’t have to deal with all the logistics. I recommend this route to anyone who is getting married in country where they don’t live and sometimes even if you’re getting married in another state. The process of getting legally married in a different state is, of course, much easier, but there can still be some hurdles to jump depending on the state. So, do your research to see which will be the best option for you!

5.Keep it Close

If you decide to have guests at your elopement, limit the number to your absolute nearest and dearest friends and family. Those who have been there for you and supported the two of you throughout your relationship and those who will be there for you through the end of life. However, don’t feel pressured to have your family with you if you feel like a ‘just us’ elopement is right for the two of you!

This is your elopement day and it’s the day that the two of you will celebrate for the rest of your lives! You can get married and celebrate however you want. Don’t limit yourself – leave all the logistics behind and create your dream elopement experience! This day is about celebrating you two and doing it how you want.