Benefits of having an Airbnb Elopement

Airbnb’s can be pretty dang amazing for your elopement! They can add a such a fun and unique touch to your elopement day! I absolutely love it when couples choose to stay at an Airbnb during their elopement, because it makes for a great place to get ready, to come back and have a bonfire outside, cuddle up inside with a cup of tea, cook yourselves dinner or even have your ceremony there! The ways to utilizable a cute cabin or house for your Airbnb Elopement are truly endless.

Often times you’ll have access to nearby hiking trails, access to quiet beaches, or you’ll be secluded out in the forest and mountains and have the area all to yourselves to go exploring! Doesn’t get much better than that, right?!

Another way having an Airbnb elopement can benefit you is you got yourself a back up location in case it starts to completely down pour, you encounter an afternoon thunderstorm, or even snow or sleet and it gets dangerous for you to be outside. It’s the perfect back up plan as you’ll have yourself a cute place to be inside and celebrate safely!

Also, if you’re choosing to elope with your closest loved ones an Airbnb elopement is the perfect choice to host everyone. If you have elderly family celebrate with you and hiking isn’t an option choosing to have your ceremony around the Airbnb is a great solution. Then, you and your new spouse can go hiking on a nearby trail or hop in the car and go hit up a few gorgeous locations to explore!

Questions to Ask before booking an Airbnb for your elopement


Location is huge even if it’s just you’re just using it to get ready at and celebrate afterward! It’s even more important if you do choose to have your ceremony at the Airbnb. After all, a beautiful backdrop and view is what makes an incredible ceremony location! Be sure to look into these questions when considering booking a place:

  • How much property does the Airbnb come with?
  • Will you have access to the whole property?
  • Is there enough parking space if you have your friends and family there?
  • How private is the Airbnb? Are there neighbors close by?
  • How far is your Airbnb to your ceremony location or to the spot you want to go explore?


When you’re looking for the perfect Airbnb be sure to read through the details and make sure that they allow gatherings at their place. This of course applies to you if you’re having more than just a handful of your loved ones with you, but always be sure to double-check with the host if it isn’t super clear! Some other great resources to check out are VBRO, GlampingHub, HomeAway, Boutique Homes, Under Canvas and Book a Treehouse if you’re looking for an international location.


Okay, this is probably obvious, but be sure to read through a chunk of the reviews to make sure you know what to expect and to hear what other have experienced there! You definitely don’t want to show up and be surprised or shocked by something unexpected.


This might not be directly answered through reading the details online, so if you have questions don’t hesitate to reach out to the host. If it’s just the two of you then this probably won’t be an issue, but if you’re having 10-20 people and playing some music it would probably be a good thing to double check! You definitely don’t want to put a damper onto your celebrations!