Elopement Tips

WHOO-HOO! You’ve officially decided to elope!! Elopements are such an incredible way to get married. They allow the focus of your wedding day to remain on the two of you without having to worry about all the tiny little things that at the end of the day don’t really matter. One of the greatest parts about eloping is that you can get married literally anywhere you want! Whatever scenery you’re hoping for you can absolutely make it happen, but with SO many stunning locations throughout the states and the whole world, you might be wondering how to choose your dream elopement location.

I totally get it!! With endless options, it might seem a bit overwhelming, but let me help you get those wheels turning in your mind by giving you a bit of direction on where to elope. Definitely don’t think you have to have your exact location nailed out. As an experience elopement photographer, I’m here to help you pick out your exact location, but this will help you narrow it down to a state, national park and give you guidance on what to start thinking about!

1. Pick and Elopement Location that's Meaningful to You

As you start to contemplate locations, is there a national park that you absolutely fell in love with when visiting? Is there a state that you traveled to a long time ago and sticks out in your mind? Is there a place you’ve gone vacationing at that has meaning to your relationship? If any of these ring true for you then take some time to think about those places and decide if it’s a place that you’d love to get married at.

2. Pick a Location You've Always Wanted to Go To

Here’s an easy one! Is there a national park you’ve been dreaming of going to? Is there a state you’ve been dying to visit? If there is any place that you’ve been wanting to go to or visit then it very well could be a fantastic elopement location! If you decide to elope in a location you’ve never been to before it’ll add another level of adventure to your day to experience a new place together for the first time!

3. Choose and Elopement Location That Has the Scenery you Want

What kind of scenery are you hoping for? Do you want mountain peaks? An alpine lake? A stunning forest or cliffside? Epic desert views?

Deciding on the scenery you want will have a huge impact on your location! For example, if you want insane desert views I would recommend eloping in Utah or Arizona or if you want insane mountain views I might recommend eloping in Rocky Mountain National Park ! There are definitely certain national parks or states that hold better views in each category. So, take a bit of time to think about what your dream elopement location and backdrop would be!

4. Choose a Location That Has the Activities You Want To Do

Choosing the type of activities you’re looking to do could also have a direct impact on your location! Whether you want to go hiking, take a canoe ride, go stargazing, take a helicopter tour, or just drive around will help guide you in picking out the right location.

5. Think About How Much Privacy You Want for your Elopement

There’s no question about it, but when it comes to eloping in the outdoors it’s just a fact that you’re bound to run into someone at some point. The question is, how many people do you want to run into? If you’re wanting as much privacy as possible then you’re going to want to avoid popular locations like national parks during peak season

6. Consider How You Want To Get To Your Location

In relation to the kind of activities you want to do, consider how easily accessible you want or need your location to be. There are certain accessible locations that will be less crowded than others and certain states will be able to provide prettier drive-up spots as well!

7. Consider The Time of Year and What The Weather is Like

When picking out your location one thing you do not want to forget about is to keep in mind what the weather is like at the time of year you’re wanting to elope. If you’ve decided to elope in December, but don’t want snow then you’ll be limited to certain states to be able to avoid that. If you’re eloping in May mountain pass roads might not be open yet and you’ll probably still have a decent amount of snow in particular spots.

This will have a direct impact on your day so this is something you don’t want to forget about!


Picking out your dream elopement location is such a fun process and is one of the greatest things about eloping! You get to enjoy nature and be in a serene spot on such a special day.