Choosing the Right Photographer

Choosing the right wedding photographer can feel like a huge task! There are so many photographers out there that could beautifully capture your day but how to find the one that works best with you is the challenge.

My biggest advice, If you are unsure ASK! I will always be happy to answer any and all of your questions! I want to make sure you find the right fit even if it isn't with me!


Have an idea of the style you like. Search through Pinterest or social media to try and narrow down the style of pictures you like! Are you attracted to more traditional, posed images and smiling into the camera? Do you prefer candid images capturing big emotions and little details to tell the story of the whole day? Maybe a little of both?

Look at editing style too, each photographer has their own style. Do you like how their end images look?


Get to know your photographer! Seriously it's your wedding day, and you are going to want someone you really vibe with! Your photographer is going to spend the greater part of your day wit you, so make sure they are someone that you enjoy!

You want to feel comfortable and confident with so make sure you vibe together. Do your personalities mesh well? Don't let your family pressure you into an "Uncle Bob" with a camera or someone they have known forever. This is YOUR day, you get to choose someone who's work you're attracted to!


Don't be afraid to ask them to show you some of their work! It's ok don't be shy, as a photographer I love this question! I want you to make the best choice for you!

You can ask them to show you what a full gallery looks like so you can get an idea of what you would be getting. Keep in mind every gallery is different but you'll be able to get a good idea of what your gallery would look like!


Ask about the details. What's included in the package? Are the images edited individually? Are they only edited with an additional fee? Do they offer a free engagement session if you book with them for a wedding?

Do they have a contract? This is one of the most important details, a contract will ensure that both you and your photographer know what's expected! It protects both parties.

Turn Around Time

This is so important to find out! If your photographer works a 9-5 job as well this means it may take extra time for them to get the gallery to you. If they advertise shooting 100+ weddings a year this can also significantly increase turn around time. Don't forget to ask your photographer what their turn around time is ( it should always be in their contract too!)

Pro Tip: Once your big day is over try not to overwhelm your photographer with a million questions on when your gallery will be done. As long as it is in your contracted time frame they want to go through and make sure every image looks perfect! That takes time!

Bonus Tip

Once you've narrowed down your photographer search, hire them for a "test" run and book and engagement session. This is a great way to spend some time with them and see if you vibe together. Not only will it help you feel more comfortable with them on your wedding day but you'll get to see if you truly love their style and personality.

If you are camera shy it will help you feel even more confident and comfortable on your special day!