Elopement Tips

You’re eloping for a reason, right? There could be many reasons, but one of them probably falls under the umbrella of wanting to have an intimate and private wedding day. You might not enjoy being in front of people with all the attention on you and the idea of having an outdoor elopement experience that’s crafted around the two of you without having to worry about everyone else sounds amazing, right?!

So, here’s the thing with eloping outdoors – other people like to be outside, too! Gorgeous locations attract the outdoor enthusiasts, the tourists, the hikers and bikers, etc. While it’s impossible to promise people won’t pass by during your ceremony and throughout your adventurous day, there are definitely a few actionable things you can do to try to limit the people you encounter during your ceremony! Let’s get to How to Avoid Crows at Your Outdoor Elopement!

Outdoor Elopement Ideas

1. Elope at Sunrise

You might immediately think, ‘No way am I eloping at sunrise!’ unless you’re a morning person! In that case, you’re good to go, but if you’re not just hear me out first. There are many reasons that eloping at sunrise can benefit you. Also, why not try something new on such a special and adventurous day?!


First and foremost, it’s impossible to get the same type of privacy you’d get at sunrise. Everyone else is still in bed and you’ll have the trail and views pretty much to yourself! You’ll probably just have to share with the birds and squirrels 

 There’s no other experience that can match the serenity at sunrise. The lakes are still and you can’t hear anything other than the birds racing through the trees. This is especially a good idea if you’re eloping at a more popular national park or a well-known hiking trail! Sunrise is definitely the way to go if you want to hit the top of that mountain before all other million people get there!


Another great reason have a sunrise elopement is for the gorgeous light! I’m sure you’ve all heard how gorgeous sunset is. Sunrise is just the same!! We’ll start your ceremony about 15 minutes before sunrise while you have the mountains and backdrop lighting up. Then, the sun starts to rise over the horizon and light up everything in its golden magic! It’s is truly so magical and gorgeous.


Lastly, you can beat the weather at sunrise. For example, if you’re eloping in the desert during the summer, a sunrise elopement will help you beat the heat and avoid the brutal sun! If you’re eloping in the mountains, there are certain locations that are known for their afternoon thunderstorms or the afternoon downpours. Opting to elope in the morning will help you to avoid bad weather to the best of your ability!

2. Get Married on a Weekday

I always recommend to my couples to elope on a weekday! Most people are going to be working and not out on the hiking trails so there will be by far fewer people out and about in general. Also, certain national parks don’t approve wedding permits for the weekend. If you’re dreaming of having an outdoor elopement in a particular national park, be sure to double-check what days they allow weddings. More people are probably going to be applying for permits on the weekend for weddings as well. So, if you want a higher chance to get approved for those permits – weekdays are best!

3. Go Hiking

I’ve talked about it a little bit already, but hiking is a great way to avoid crowds! Instead of driving to that panorama lookout choose a hike that can get you an even better view with fewer people. You can also choose a hike that isn’t traveled super often or one that’s a little further out than most people go. The hiking trails and options are endless no matter where you decide to elope! It’s a great way to get away from the noise and crowds, enjoy the gorgeous views, and be completely surrounded by nature!

4. Choose an Outdoor Location that's Less Popular

This is one of the easiest ways to avoid crowds on your elopement! You can opt for a hike that isn’t well-known, choose a location that isn’t visited as often, or do something epic like take a helicopter tour to an epic remote location or get a 4×4 and drive through a mountain pass or get a dune buggy and drive through the desert! There are SO many different ideas and ways to do this that can create even more adventure to your day!

Choosing a more remote or less popular location can in itself add more adventure to your day! Remember that eloping is all about the experience that you have on such an epic day. Create whatever type of experience you want! There are no rules!