Estes Park Elopement Tips

Estes Park is one of the absolute perfect places in Colorado to elope! It hits all the marks with its scenic beauty, trails, wildlife, and more. It’s also easily accessible from the Denver airport and has plenty of lodging and dining options, too. All of this will easily make your Estes Park Elopement a one stop shop for an intimate wedding!

There is no limit to planning your elopement in Estes Park. You can decide to head into Rocky Mountain National Park or hit up some incredible locations nearby! You can have your ceremony on a cliff, next to a lake, or even at a local restaurant, hotel, or event location.

Your elopement can easily become an adventure by including horseback riding, hiking, snowshoeing, and more. Whatever you envision for your adventurous, special day is possible!

Estes Park Highlights

  • Breathtaking scenic beauty
  • Small-town intimacy
  • Every season is perfect for an elopement
  • Easily accessible from the Denver airport
  • Discounts depending on the season
  • Endless opportunity for adventure

Things You Should Know Before Planning Your Estes Park Elopement

  • Specific locations – There are specific location where you are allowed to have a ceremony if you want to head into Rocky Mountain National Park. Keep in mind, you can go other places for photos, just not the ceremony.
  • A permit is required – Estes Park is located near Rocky Mountain National Park, if you plan on going into the park it will requires a permit to elope. The permit can be purchases up to a year in advance and is $250. You will need to know some important information to obtain a permit, and not all are approved. You can find out everything you need to know here about acquiring an elopement permit in the Rocky Mountain National Park.
  • Timing is key – Although every season is great for eloping in the mountains, it is important to know the best time of day for the ceremony. To ensure you capture the spectacular views of Estes Park, you will need to know what time of day is best for pictures! That’s where your photographer (I, Kjersten) comes in. Depending on the season, sunset timing is everything.
  • Backup plans are important – Getting married in Colorado is sure to be amazing, however, keep in mind that the weather can be unpredictable or change quickly. That’s just how it goes when eloping in the mountains! I always create a backup plan for my couples in case the weather gets dangerous or too horrible to be in. It’s important to go into your elopement day with an open and go with the flow mindset!

How to Choose Your Estes Park Elopement Date

In my opinion there truly isn’t a bad time to elope in Estes Park. Each season has something special and beautiful to offer! From the snow in winter to the ideal temperatures of summer, there’s a perfect time for every couple. It really just depends on how you envision your Estes Park Elopement to go!


If you’re a couple who loves the sun and wants the perfect temperature on your elopement day then summer will probably be a great choice for you! As the temperatures are ideal that also brings about more people, but choosing the right location, time and activities you’ll be able to avoid the crowds for a private ceremony. There are many incredible hiking locations and mountain passes that will be open during this time of year that aren’t open during the winter, which means more location options for you!


Estes Park is known for its golden aspen glow during the fall. If you love fall colors then Estes Park won’t disappoint you! You’ll be greeted and ‘wowed’ with bright orange, yellow and red. It would make for incredibly special pictures on your elopement day! The best time to elope in Estes Park for fall colors will be mid-September to mid-October.


Winter in Estes Park comes with beautiful fresh blankets of snow! Are you dreaming of a winter wonderland elopement? Then, you can go wrong when choosing to elope here in the winter! If you’re up for more winter adventure during your elopement such as skiing, snowboarding, snow-shoeing or even taking a ride on a snow mobile–Estes Park has got you covered!


Spring time is loaded with a vast amount of colorful wild flowers! As you take a hike through the mountains during the spring you’ll be greeted with many colors and gorgeous flowers all throughout the forest, mountains and meadows. This will add a fun and unique touch to your elopement day!