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A floral bouquet can bring a touch of tradition to your elopement. Elopement flowers can be the final element that pulls together your wedding look. Plus, there is nothing more badass than a bride with a giant bouquet strapped to her backpack. 

Elopement florals are much different than traditional weddings. You may only need a bouquet and boutonniere, two bouquets, or two boutonnieres. 

After doing your research I created a list of questions to ask potentials florists and of course, there is a downloadable checklist at the end of this post.

Researching Florists

When researching florists take time to scroll through their Instagram feed, look at their online portfolio, and read Google reviews. 

See if they have a consistent style in their bouquets and arrangements match your style for elopement flowers. Do their arrangements look modern, rustic, boho, or natural? 

Are there a variety of bouquet styles or are you seeing the same “look/vibe” throughout all of their images? 

Most importantly, do you like their style? 

If you feel connected to the images in their portfolio then it’s time to reach out. Here is a list of questions to consider when approaching a florist.

Questions to Ask your Florist

1. Are they available on your wedding date to make your elopement flowers?

2. Will they create bouquets for an elopement that only requires minimal florals?

3. Do they have a mandatory minimum spending amount (and does that fit in your budget)?

Logistics of Elopement Flowers


• can they copy a bouquet from a picture

• do they have a list of local flowers

• what flower are available during your wedding

• which hardy floral do they recommend


• can they make a bouquet that will stay together

• have they created bouquets for elopements before

• can they add a hook to strap onto your backpack

• how can you keep your bouquet looking fresh all-day


• do they offer deliveries or do you need to pick it up

• is there an extra cost associated with delivery

• when and where will the delivery or pick up take place

• can you get the flower the day before your wedding

• will they provide a vase or wet bag to keep flowers fresh


• is there a minimum dollar amount for their services

• can they create a bouquet that works within your budget

• how far in advance do you need to secure their services

• when can you expect to receive the contract from the florist

• total cost, deposit amount, and when is the final payment due

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