The tack you choose for your horse’s photoshoot matters. It can be the difference between a distracting image and one that is both timeless and beautiful. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing tack for your horse’s photoshoot including: color, material, patterns, tack fit and your own clothing.

#1 Selecting tack colors

I highly recommend selecting tack with colors that are neutral, earth tone or pastel. These are less distracting, appear nicely in images and aid in achieving a more timeless look. Leather tack always has a classic look that’s perfect for photos. Just make sure to give it a polish before your photoshoot.

#2 Is it okay to have patterns on my tack?

It’s best to stay away from patterns on tack if possible. The main goal is to avoid anything that could divert the eye away from you and your horse in the photographs. If you’re planning to utilize a saddle in your session, I would suggest opting for a textured saddle pad versus one with a small pattern.

#3 Does your tack fit correctly?

This may sound simple, but you should double check that you are choosing the correct size for your horse. If your horse has grown recently it may be time to purchase a new halter. Avoid tack that is too large or small for your portraits.

#4 Base your tack choices on your outfits

For portrait sessions, it’s all in the details. The clothing you wear should coordinate with your horse’s tack.

For example:

-Show clothes or a dressy outfit may be best suited with a bridle and reins

-A more casual matches with a halter and lead rope

The main idea here is to base your tack choices on the outfits you plan to wear for a more finished look. These details can be the difference between images you like and images you love.

#5 Should I use a halter or bridle for photos?

Either a bridle or halter will work. That being said, first think about the above tips when choosing tack for your horse’s photoshoot. It ultimately comes down to your personal preference and what tack you currently own.