There’s only one way to kickstart your wedding planning process—rocking those engagement photos. Your engagement photo session is one of the most exciting parts of your engagement season so I want to make sure you’re fully prepared. Now that you’ve hired your dream photographer and hunted down the perfect setting, it’s time to make sure you nail your engagement photos. 

I've rounded up the most common engagement photo mistakes couples make so you can avoid them for your own session. From timing to outfit choices, keep these things in mind to ensure your engagement photo day goes off flawlessly. 

1. Not Planning Around the Sun

Lighting plays an important role when it comes to your engagement photos. That’s why it’s crucial to hire a trusted photographer that can help you plan your engagement session around the sun. If you’re wanting that soft golden glow, I recommend scheduling your photo session around sunset or golden hour. There is no better way to add a romantic vibe than snapping photos just before the sun sets or rises. 

2. Not Showing Up On Time

“Fashionably late” doesn’t apply when it comes to your engagement session. The success of your photos is based on the lighting, timing, and the overall feel. Being late is a waste of your photographer’s time, prime natural lighting, and will leave you stressed out. 

Everyone deserves to feel radiant in their engagement photos. That’s why arriving early is crucial. I totally understand that traffic or other unexpected issues can pop up. So, we recommend planning to arrive at your first location with everything ready to go at least 15 minutes before your photographers arrival time. That means outfits are on and props are ready to go. This is the best way to create a buffer in case something doesn’t go to plan. 

3. Not Picking A Location You Feel Comfortable And Most Like Yourself

Your engagement session is all about authentically capturing your love. And from your outfit choice to location, every element should do just that. While the aesthetic of your images is important, we think comfort and sentiment should be your top priorities. 

For outdoorsy couples, pick your favorite hiking trail. For coffee lovers, head to your favorite coffee shop. For home-bodies, cuddle up for in-home session. Just be sure you choose a place that means something to you. It will make all the difference!

4. Having Too Many Location Changes

I'm in full support of multiple location changes during your engagement photo session—each offering a different mood and aesthetic. In order to maximize your time in front of the camera, thoroughly plan out your locations including travel time. 

Be careful not to underestimate the time you have with me, you don’t want to waste a minute of that precious time or lighting! 

Northern Colorado engagement photogrpaher

5. Not Picking Comfortable Clothing

Selecting a location is an important decision, but don’t underestimate the weight your engagement outfits hold. If you look good, you feel good, and you should feel both radiant and comfortable in your engagement photos. 

It’s important to dress according to the season, weather, and desired vibe. When it comes to your outfit choice, don’t let the inspiration photos you’ve saved sway you into selecting attire that doesn’t feel like you. If you want a casual session, go casual. If you want to glam it up, by all means, go full glam. 

6. Having Too Many Outfit Changes

I'm in full support of multiple outfit changes during your engagement photo session. But, it’s important to keep in mind that the more outfit changes you add, the less time you’ll have in front of the camera. Limit your full outfit changes to two. You can easily switch up your look with a couple of minor outfit changes—like changing shoes, adding jewelry, or throwing on a jacket. 

7. Not Getting Tons of Sweet Candid Moments

Before the big photo day, you’ve probably googled “engagement photo pose ideas” at least once. It’s okay, I get it. While pose ideas are a great way to spark inspiration, you won’t want all of your photos to feel stiff. Your photos will come out best if you allow your photographer the freedom to capture all the candid moments they can get. 

Posed shots can be great in some instances, but the real magic happens in those in-between moments when you’ve both forgotten about the camera. Trust your photographer and trust yourselves, it’ll be worth it when you get those photos back. 

Now that you’re fully equipped with the mistakes to avoid during engagement photos, it’s time for the fun stuff.